5 Genius Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Old Homes in Sydney

5 Genius Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Old Homes in Sydney

Everyone knows that a relaxing bath time after a day’s work is all we need to relax, soak the day’s stress, and get ourselves motivated to work again the next day. Career individuals, most especially mothers – both working moms and stay-at-home moms, understand this as a crucial part of preserving their well-being, immunity and most especially, their sanity.

This is the reason why we work hard to preserve our bathroom’s cleanliness. But what if you live in one of those old homes in Sydney and your bathroom now calls for a renovation? Here are some genius bathroom renovation ideas to help you out.

  1. Plan your bathroom layout and color palette

For those who love to redecorate parts of their houses every once in a while, this is an exciting part. When you plan your bathroom layout, make sure you have already decided the size, shape, and style of your bathroom fixtures. This ensures that everything will fit perfectly and you would still have enough space to move and enjoy your private time.

Color palettes play a crucial part in creating your bathroom vibe and ambiance. Choose colors that suit your taste and your needs. You can choose to use earth or warm colors if you are aiming for a bathroom with a calming feel or colors that match the rest of your house interior to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Opt for freestanding baths instead of built-ins

When you opt for freestanding baths, you will have more freedom to redesign your bathroom layout, especially when you decide to renovate again in the future. Another edge is that they come in different styles, shapes, and sizes that you can easily set them up in any part of your bathroom to fit your needs.

  1. Convert spaces into storage

If your bathroom has a lot of spaces, say, under the sink and empty walls, you can make convert these spaces into storage. You can either create a cabinet with layers of shelves where you can store your stock of toiletries or you can just install hampers and storage boxes.

For your empty walls, you can build hanging cabinet or floating shelves where you can put fresh towels.

  1. Add colors to satisfy the ambiance you are aiming for

As we mentioned in choosing a color palette, you can also add some pops of color to the whole feel using bathroom accessories such as towels, tumblers, bins, soap dish, toothbrush holder, shower curtain, and etc.

For the ambiance, you can always add a scent of your choice in a form of scented candles or by using aromatherapy and essential oils that not only deodorize the bathroom but also add to the relaxing ambiance while you bathe.

  1. Make your bathroom functional

When we say functional, we mean taking advantage of the space by being practical about it and not only putting too much effort into making it attractive. Aside from adding storage, you should ensure that your bathroom could operate based on your needs.

The key to making your bathroom functional is also in its layout. How do your fixtures interact with each other? Can you get everything you need in one place or are they scattered around the bathroom that makes using it stressful instead of relaxing?

Any bathroom when decorated right would look spacious and functional. These five tips can help you renovate your baths into relaxing, aesthetically pleasing, and functional area for your private time.