5 Popular Furniture Styles

5 Popular Furniture Styles

One of the most important developments in the early domestication of Man, was the use of found objects as furniture, and then the development of technology and techniques to create more comfortable and useful items.  Dating as far back, perhaps, as the Ancient Egyptians, furniture has, of course, evolved greatly over the past eight centuries.  

But instead of looking at all the ways that Rentan furniture has changed over the previous [near] millennium, let us take a look at the aesthetics common to today’s designers and decorators alike.


The style of furniture known as “traditional” takes its inspiration from many different eras throughout history.  Most notably, you will find elements that were quite popular during the 18th century and into the early 19th century.  Traditional furniture features elements of intricate detail that highlights rich colors and shades in combination with lush fabrics and even supple leather.  This was a period of posh decadence, almost to the point of ostentatious aesthetics.  Essentially, traditional furniture styles pairs old world elements with natural hues that create a bit of timeless elegance.


The style of furniture considered to be “country” is somewhat broad, but certainly categorized by the characteristics of cozy, inviting, intimate inspiration.  Some aspects have antique detail but the country-style features iconic distressed woods with a soft color palette; ruled mostly be natural hues.


The style of furniture considered to be “rustic” features a balance of natural materials with metallic elements. In particular, this blend features patina elements in a way that is unique to the style without being too outlandish or cold. As a matter of fact, despite the fact that it incorporates metal, the sensibility is organic, inspired more by details of a farmhouse than a factory.


The style of furniture considered to be “casual” features modern and cozy designs with generous seating and somewhat plush cushions.  Of course, this style gets its name because it is perfect for a casual, relaxed setting in which you might lounge with family and friends to socialize.  This furniture style can include things like big settees, cup holders, and recliners as well as pieces with more storage compartments.


Finally, the style of furniture considered to be “contemporary” is a bit of a simplification. This style is characterized by sleek, clean, minimal shapes and features designed to make a space feel useful but open and streamlined.