5 Tips for an Address Change in Australia

5 Tips for an Address Change in Australia

So you recently moved to Australia, or you’ve been in Australia your entire life and you’re just looking to change zip codes. Here are some essentials in making the move simple:

  1. Find the right home

You have the option of buying a new home, or renting one. Renting might turn out to be a feasible option in terms of price, especially if you’re looking for new homes in Sydney or Melbourne. Almost all properties are rented through agents, so your first step is to look for an agent. You can easily find one online, at http://www.openagent.com.au or http://agents.homesellerguide.com.au/Once you find the right home, make sure you speak to the owner about receiving a signed agreement and discuss how and who will pay overhead costs like maintenance, property tax, Home improvements cost etc.

  1. Buy Property

If renting is not an option, you can look to buy property. Sydney and Melbourne are the most popular cities in Australia, in terms of location, followed by Brisbane. Finding new homes in Sydney or other cities might be a little on the costly side. Popular websites like https://www.domain.com.au/ and https://www.realestate.com.au/buy are perfect to find new property and home builders.

Expats might find it a little hard to buy property in Australia. It all depends on how the government views your reason for purchase. You may want to go through the rules at http://firb.gov.au/ first.

  1. Location, Location, Location

The city and the locality is very important, especially if you’re married and you have kids who need to find a new school. Home builders are always willing to disclose all the nearest amenities available and perusing through them before you make a decision is a smart idea.

  1. Know the rules

Make sure you know and understand the rules around renting or buying property/homes. In most locations, tenancy contracts are required to be given by the owner, by law. This contract should clearly outline the duration of the contract and when it is due to be renewed. In Australia, the responsibility of paying the property tax lies with the owner of the property. If you’re renting, you don’t have to bother but if you buy property make sure you find out the rate and the mode of payment. Find out the fine for early termination of contract and minimum cost deducted for damages.

Perform a thorough inspection before you rent/buy a house. You can take along handy men like electricians, architects, engineers or plumbers if you need assistance.

  1. Find the closest home services

If you’re looking for complete renovation and Home improvements or just plumbers to fix a leak, having the right service station’s number on speed dial is important. Once you move in, make a point to look online for the closest handy-men, electricians, the closest garage, plumbers etc and bookmark their phone numbers.

In most locations, like Melbourne or if you buy new homes in Sydney, houses come completely renovated and sometimes furnished. You may however want to completely change the decor and opt for Home improvements, to match your need and style.

Finding a home is tiring, but not difficult as long as you follow some simple guidelines.