A Quick Guide to Ensuring Your Home is Safe & Secure this Spring

A Quick Guide to Ensuring Your Home is Safe & Secure this Spring

According to data published via the Yale Security website Spring Clean Infographic, the warmer weather and lighter nights come with an increased risk of being burgled.

Hence, with the spring cleaning due to be done anyway, this provides the perfect excuse and as well the perfect reason to ensure your home security is up to scratch.

…And to help you do exactly that, here is a quick guide.

Within the Home

Many of the ways you can deter burglars or at least ensure you do not attract them won’t cost you a penny. There are simply a few habits and behaviours to avoid and a few to get into when which combined will make a big difference, not only to how secure your home is, but as well potentially how tidy it is too.

The most obvious advice is to put things away. It really is that simple. ‘Out of sight out of mind’ really does hold true when it comes to many ‘smash and grab’ style home burglaries in which thieves happen to spy something they like through one of your property’s windows and consequently smash the window in order to take it, whilst most often leaving the rest of the property untouched. Hence, never leave valuables in view.

Meanwhile, for more tips, tricks and advice on how to secure you home from the inside (and there are many ways) continue over to the official Metropolitan Police website which features a wealth of advice on home security, as well as a virtual house tour tool, and guide on burglar alarm systems that is well worth giving a read.

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Outside of the Home

When it comes to securing the outside of your property some of the advice applied above is also applicable. Namely, it is as important to put garden toys, tools and equipment away as it is to avoid leaving laptops and jewellery in plain view.

In fact, it is doubly important to observe this golden rule when thinking about the garden as would-be thieves needn’t even smash a window to take items left out in the garden. Further, tools (such as ladders and even spades) are as likely to be used to gain access to your property as they are to get nicked. Hence, always keep tools, toys and equipment in a shed or garage.

In addition to keeping tools, toys and garden equipment in your shed or garage, it is also worth locking it up, even when placed within a shed or garage. This will make it far harder for thieves, could deter them and if not will mean that they spend longer trying to steal your things. The longer they take, the more chance there is that they will get caught in the act.

Meanwhile, it is of course then also super important to ensure the shed or garage in which your belongings are kept is safe. Being brick built in most cases, the main if not only means of access to the standard garage is via the door. Therefore, it is of supreme importance to regularly assess the condition of your garage door and to only ever repair it once or twice before replacing it completely. You can further decrease the probability of having your garage broken into when buying a new garage door by investing in a modern sectional garage door, which you can learn more about via the Duratec Security Solutions website.

Meanwhile, sheds are far easier to break into, whether via a door, window or even roof. Then, it really does pay to invest in one made of a more durable material than traditionally used wood, to cover any windows and to think carefully about where exactly you pale a shed as well as which way you have it facing. For more information on adding security to non-brick built sheds, you can find all your need here via the SafeWise Report website.

In the meantime, for more general advice as to how to secure your garden and the perimeter of your property, the Thames Valley Police PDF Guide: Garden Security Advice  is free to access and read via the Thames Valley Police website.