Brief Guide On Various Types Of Whiskey Barrel ​Furniture

Brief Guide On Various Types Of Whiskey Barrel ​Furniture

Creating various types of furniture through upcycling the Whiskey Barrels is a concept that’s getting quite popular. This concept not only utilizes the used Whiskey Barrels but it also results in furniture’s that’s​ an innovative and valuable additions to your home or office. They give a rustic feel to the room and makes for a great conversation topic.

You can convert the Whiskey Barrels into furniture by your own or you can purchase it from the Companies like The Hungarian Workshop, who are masters of creating such furniture. To make Whiskey Barrel furniture like a coffee table requires hard work and time, so it’s better to buy it from a professional furniture maker. Various types of furniture’s that can be made from a Whiskey Barrel are mentioned below.

Coffee table

This is one of the most common and popular furniture made from a Whiskey Barrel. This requires half a portion of a Whiskey barrel, a reciprocating saw is used to cut the band and a jigsaw to cut the wood. The coffee table is made in following steps

  • Preparing the barrel – This involves disassembling the barrel by prying out the middle metal bands and then the boards are evened out by using a rubber mallet after this the barrel is rubbed using grit sand paper. The barrel is reassembled after staining the barrel.
  • Building the table bases – The length of table bases is equal to the widest part of the barrel. The bases are arc shaped and fit snugly to the barrel. Make sure the barrel sits evenly on the bases. These are then stained to match the barrel and fitted to the barrel.
  • Building a table frame – The table apron is made to fit the top circumference of the barrel with the outside matching in breadth of the widest barrel part.
  • Decorative base pieces– These are attached to the bases.
  • Tabletop– The tabletop needs to overlap the barrel base. The table top is then attached to the table apron using hinges and a lid support is attached. Thereby creating a coffee table with storage, it just needs a coat of paint and polish to finish the process.

Adirondack chairs

This is one of the favored types of furniture that’s made using a Whiskey Barrel. It requires the use of almost the entire barrel and requires minimal precision to create.

Cutting boards and platters

It’s a short time project to make cutting boards and platters that only needs pieces of Whiskey barrel that are left from other major projects. These are a good way to utilize the remains of your other projects.

Apart from the above mentioned projects other furniture’s that can be made are tables, chairs especially rocking chairs, etc. Making furniture is a great hobby but is quite time-consuming​ and if you want to add Whiskey Barrel furniture’s to your home, then it’s better to buy it. It can be bought from online vendors as well as from offline vendors.

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Fred Pipkin has written this article. If you want to buy high quality and authentic rustic furniture items made from upcycling the Whiskey barrels in California, then your best bet is The Hungarian Workshop. The Company specializes in Whiskey Barrel furniture’s and has a collection of various designs available online. To see their collection you can visit their website.