Choosing The Perfect Granite Stone for You.

Choosing The Perfect Granite Stone for You.

Are you thinking of giving your garden a bit of a face lift? Many people, especially those without children and pets will get sick of having a garden just filled with grass eventually, the constant mowing and weeding. In the past the option may have been to put some wooden decking down, and whilst this isn’t a bad option and certainly when done right, can have a lovely finish, we believe you can add abit more luxury.

It doesn’t matter what your idea is or what you have in mind, or even how much space you want to cover, you could partially fill or completely fill your garden with paving. There are countless lovely designs that are done by using materials such as granite.

Using stone can give your garden a beautiful finish that can be tailored exactly to what you want, from the overall colour to the pattern and finish. Some of the most beautiful designs and finishes must come from granite paving stone, coming in a range of colours choosing the one to use can be difficult.

Let’s have a look at a few different styles.

Sawn black basalt

This type of granite feature crisp lines, a tight grain and rich pattern producing understated elegance to many modern designs. Being hard-wearing plays a huge factor in value for money, but also its flame-textured, non-slip surface has a very slight sparkle that enriches its very consistent charcoal-grey colouring

Blue grey granite

Whilst being Extremely hard-wearing and requiring virtually no maintenance, using blue grey granite gives a flamed texture with a consistent tight grain and charcoal-grey colour that works well in contemporary designs. Whilst still looking like a high class material it still offers a reliable, economical alternative to more expensive paving.

Silver grey granite

The cool tone of this particular granite paving is ideal for brightening up the appearance of darker areas. With having an even grain and sawn and a flame-textured surface, it’s a hard-wearing and economical choice for both contemporary and traditional designs and requires virtually no maintenance.

Silver grey sawn granite setts

Silver Grey Sawn granite is mostsuitable for paths, driveways and borders around garden features. The strong lines are perfect for contemporary designs and the fact that sawn granite setts are used on public roads shows how hard wearing they are.Sawn Granite Setts are particularly ideal for smaller spaces as their reduced size can make your garden feel bigger.

Why use granite?

Granite is a very dense material; this means that it is one of the least porous stones you could use in your garden making it naturally stain-resistant. Because it requires virtually no maintenance from you, granite is a brilliant choice for driveways, under overhanging trees which may drop leaves, and for high-traffic areas.