Five Benefits of Using Natural Stone for Commercial or Residential Construction

Five Benefits of Using Natural Stone for Commercial or Residential Construction

Natural stone paving provides more beauty to your patio, driveway, path or pool. When it comes to durability, a lot of natural stone paving products are harder than concrete products and thus have longer lifespan in most applications. Natural stone is the best choice if you want a paving solution which requires little maintenance and can stand the test of time. Depending upon your budget, you can find a range of cost-effective paving solutions which suit your needs. Consider the benefits of using natural stone paving.

Gives Value and Curb Appeal to a Property

Whether you are installing natural stone paving at a commercial property or private residence, natural stone will improve curb appeal. This material doesn’t have to cost more than using concrete products with the initial installation cost offset over the surface’s lifespan and the low maintenance. Also, natural stone materials will value to your property.

Offers Natural Aesthetics

Every piece of natural stone has a unique mix of tones and colors that makes your landscape, garden or drive totally unlike concrete where pieces are made identical and this without character. Natural stone is a pigment and retains its look over time. Its color doesn’t fade compared with concrete that is made from composite aggregate mixes which become exposed and worn following years of traffic.

Promises Renewability and Sustainability

Natural landscaping and paving are more eco-friendly and sustainable than concrete alternatives. Natural stone is a sustainable building material as the earth’s stone resources are vast and date back billions of years. While the stone’s regeneration isn’t as ready visible as the regeneration of trees, it’s a continuous process with natural stone that boast an enduring life cycle.

Ensures Natural Safety

Natural stone pavers like flamed granite have a non-slip surface. Flamed granite pavers have natural crystalline texture which makes them perfect for use around swimming pools and on patios. Also, natural stone is durable frost resistant paving. It can be bought at Midland.

Shows Versatility

Natural stone pavers are suited for various vehicle and pedestrian traffic applications. In order to withstand vehicle traffic, dense stone like granite typically needs to be at least 2 inches thick so it can support the weight and have deeper excavation and base material depth. As long as installation guidelines are followed and the perfect substrate is put down in order to support the desired load, property owners can choose to get natural stone installed around driveways, patios, paths and pool sides.