Five Top Wooden Kitchen Designs

Five Top Wooden Kitchen Designs

Since Man began building structures millions of years ago, wood has long been the desired building material of choice.  Obviously, it is readily available and typically quite sturdy enough.  Even in this modern society, lumber is the main component of domestic structures.  But while our exteriors might not reflect this wooden base, many parts of the interior of the home will showcase the natural beauty of wood.  

And no room in the home is a better example of making wood the star than the kitchen.  With that in mind, then, here are some Divine cabinetry kitchen design concepts that feature gorgeous wooden elements.Image result for Five Top Wooden Kitchen Designs


If you have ever visited a ski lodge or even just driven through a mountain town then you have probably seen these massive log cabin type buildings.  And the inside is just as rustic as the outside.  You can accomplish some of this in your kitchen too, with a vaulted ceiling and exposed wood beams. You don’t even have to varnish or paint these natural elements (though you should always treat/seal them).  Throw in some stainless steel appliances and petrified wood counter tops to really seal the deal.


Install deep, dark, wooded cabinets to evoke a sense of Old World Italy.  Dark stains on your wood-paneled kitchen island with expansive windows will give the space impressive depth that is warm and inviting (particularly if some of your large windows face the sunset.


If you do a lot of cooking, you might want to consider a kitchen where the focus is the pantry.  This will let you store more food in a more efficient manner, including cabinet doors with wire fronts that are backed by shirred fabric. This will give the kitchen a little essence of provincial France.


The modern kitchen lends to a more open floor plan, thus a modern city kitchen design will probably take advantage of oak paneling belying an opposing window that opens to lots of natural light.  With counter tops to match, and soft complementary colors, this kitchen will be cozy but highly functional in its simplicity.


Maple’s long, horizontal grains in your kitchen cabinetry make for a bold statement ideal for the creative type. Consider also long panels of wooden veneers—also with the same stretches of horizontal grains—help to evoke a sense of movement with this open floor plan-type kitchen.