Guide to finding the perfect antique fireplace

Guide to finding the perfect antique fireplace

What are cast iron fireplaces?

Throughout the Victorian and Edwardian period, cast iron fireplaces became increasingly more popular, this was as a result of changes in the fashion industry and the Art Nouveau style.

Is your room on the slightly smaller side?

If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch for your compact living room or bedroom, have you considered a combined cast iron Art Nouveau fireplace? Bedroom fireplaces (Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco or Art Nouveau) are much narrower in size and have the same ability to decorate the room! Designed to suit modern rooms, these features have immense history behind them, depending on the period they were created in.

Victorian fireplaces

These are designed to combine the age of the feature and aspects of modern day. It is possible for the combined cast iron fireplaces to retain a traditional Victorian appearance, so if you’re looking for a fireplace that demonstrates more history than modernity, why not view our range of Victorian cast iron fireplaces.

But what about Edwardian fireplaces – Are these suitable for me?

As a result of these fireplaces being built during the industrialisation period; they offer great historyand the Edwardian fireplaces tend to be designed using tiles and are taller in size. They are decorative antique tiled fireplaces which have a much lighter density than the Victorian ones. These features are decorative too, however they are suited around the idea of simplicity is more. They are grand enough to make a statement but keep it minimalistic,therefore, if you want something that is visible but traditional, an Edwardian fireplace is perfect for you!

Art Deco and Art Nouveau fireplaces

In modern times, Art Deco and Art Nouveau fireplaces have widespread popularity, incorporating specific needs. Art Deco fireplaces are vibrant and contemporary, the style of these are unique and are created to suit every environment. Do you want something that offers timeless elegance? Art Nouveau fireplaces are exactly what you need, they can be designed to meet your specifications directly!

The Antique Fireplace Company

So, if you’re looking for a fireplace that has been restored to the highest standard possible, why not browse our wide range of antique fireplaces.

The Antique Fireplace Company has over 300 fully restored fireplaces on display in our showroom. We correctly fit reproduction bars to ensure the fireplace has a finished look which is suitable- never undermining the reason for your choice and offering you a variety of designs to choose from.

Similarly, we restore the front and back of the fireplace using red oxide paint, this maintains the quality of the feature and prevents any rust from forming.

So browse our full range of antique fireplaces today!