Helpful Aspects About 3-piece Quilted Cover Set You Need to Consider While Buying

Helpful Aspects About 3-piece Quilted Cover Set You Need to Consider While Buying

Dress your bed with quilt cover set to give it a little sparkle. It is an effective and convenient way. A 3-piece quilted cover set gives the benefit of fully dressed bed. You don’t need to invest in detailed bedding set. If you plan to buy quilt covers online then learn what aspects to consider while buying.

What is included in 3-piece quilted cover set?

There are three different components, but they complement the whole set. It includes a Doona cover and 2 matching pillowcases.

Doona cover

It is like a sack or large pillow case, which fits the quilt or duvet body completely. At one end, there is an opening, which allows you to slip the quilt or duvet inside, while maintaining a seamless and streamlined look. You ten close the opening with a zipper, snaps, ties, or buttons.

It is decorative and functional. The quilt gets a protective barriers and unique look. You can clean the Doona cover very easily, when compared to quilt or duvet.

Consumers can get Doona covers in different sizes (full to king) besides the standard ones. If you are purchasing Doona covers online from another country then confirm the dimensions. You can compare the measurements on the internet to find one that fits closely. However, for some homeowner’s size does not matter, they use large size on small bed, so as to achieve more coverage and space to move.

Fabric options

A 3-piece quilted cover set are designed from different kinds of fabrics. Each has their personal advantage and drawback. To get to know the fabrics better, let’s classify them into style, comfort and price.

Cotton sets & variations

Cotton is a popular choice because of its cool and soft properties.

  • Jersey cotton – Casual look
  • Cotton satin – Shiny finish
  • Cotton percale – Crisp feel and formal look
  • Poly-cotton – easy to clean and wrinkle-free
  • Egyptian cotton – Luster and durability

Linen set

Flax fibers are used to create textured and heavy fabric, which looks luxurious. It drapes very well and very warm. Linen caring is tough but high-end look and style makes it appealing to majority.

Silk sets

Silk sets are luxurious, but needs a lot of maintenance. It has an incredible sheen, but wrinkles easily.

Bamboo sets

Bamboo is mould resistant and hypo-allergic, so is a healthy option. Bamboo linens give warmth in winter and stay cool in summer, so is a best alternative for eco-minded households.