Helpful Guidelines to Choose an Ideal Throw Rug

Helpful Guidelines to Choose an Ideal Throw Rug

Throw rug is handy, especially when it is chill because you have draped it over the furniture. It is always there looking decorative, but is functional.

Choosing a throw rug is hard with the kinds available. Below are guidelines to make your choice easy.

Where will you actually use the throw rug?

Throw rugs are versatile, so can be used in basically every room like bedrooms, family rooms, home theatre, etc. You can even place them outdoors in the balcony, veranda or patio. Your decision will be influenced by the fact on where you will use it.

What kind of throw you desire?

After you decide the purpose of the throw rug, it is time to determine the kind you want. You get many options in the form of materials including wool, faux, cotton, alpaca, mohair, acrylic, fleece, and polyester.

The colours and patterns available in the market range from solid colours to complicated knit or intricately woven patterns.

How to think practically?

Be practical about the washing feature. If you have pets or kids moving around or place it in high traffic area then machine washable is fine. Some rugs may need dry cleaning, so even take this aspect into consideration.

Warm options are good because you can avoid turning the heater higher in winter but lighter one is best opted for using year-round.

Consider the furniture you own

Choose a throw, which blends well with your existing furniture. For example, solid colours in the lounge can synch well with patterned throw rug. In case the lounge is patterned then opt for solid matching colours to add interest. Look at every piece of furnishing in the room and then make a decision.

Rugs are for accent and can be changed anytime. These are great to dress the house on special occasions or be given as gift to someone close.