How To Furnish And Decorate Your First Home

How To Furnish And Decorate Your First Home

Moving out and getting your own apartment or house is a big step in your life. You no longer have to worry about shared spaces and having limited privacy. It takes some people a while to adjust to their new found freedom but for people who love spending their time on their own, moving in to your own space is the dream. You may also be moving in together with a friend or relationship partner which is a huge step as it always indicate that things are moving forward.

If it’s a new space, the first thing on everyone’s mind after settling down is to furnish and decorate. You may already have some old furniture that you weren’t able to incorporate but it’s still useful. You may also want to add some more things or have a fresh set of furniture. Icons be daunting when buying new stuff for your house but with a little guideline and help, you’ll realize it’s an easy process wherein you just need to make the right choices.

Know the size of your rooms

The dimensions of the rooms will help you determine exactly how much furniture you can accommodate in them. You don’t want to buy wooden furniture that can barely fit in the doorway or occupies too much space that there’s not enough circulation space left.

Prepare a list

Have a list of what you have and what you need to buy so as to avoid going way beyond your budget with unnecessary expenses. Write down the items according to priority: what you need the most and what you can’t do without.

Prepare a budget

Having a budget is a good way to monitor your finances and see how much you can actually afford. There are a number of things that may be on your wish list but you can’t afford all of them. The budget should first cover the important things before you worry about other things.

Neutral colors

This is a good place to start if you’re not sure about the right colors. Neutral colors are subtle and they always work. You can never go wrong with these tones and you can easily add one or two dashy colors without messing up the entire color scheme at all.

Buy in stages

It’s always best to buy one or two things at a time. This is usually because most furniture and decorative elements can be pretty expensive. So, instead of rushing in to get everything at once, you’re better off buying a single item before the next ones.