Keep Your Home Secured with a Glass Shield

Keep Your Home Secured with a Glass Shield

Not everyone can afford glazing or tempered glass. However, you can still protect your home or business from break-ins by installing a silicone shield over your glass panes. This shield can also be used to cut the sun’s glare and protect furnishings from the fading rays of the sun. You can order the film in frosted and decorative designs as well. It can also be tinted for extra privacy.

Anti-Graffiti Films

When this silicone shield is used for safety, it reduces the possibility that people will be cut or get hurt from broken shards of glass. You can also use the film to protect your building’s windows from vandalism. Anti-graffiti films protect glass panes from paint, scratches, scuffs, and marks, including the damages caused from acid etching.

How the Film Is Applied

All the various types of security film for windows in Perth are designed to adhere to glass panes with a special glue. The film not only protects the glass but it also conceals current scratches when the glass is exposed to sunlight or heat. If the film becomes damaged, it is merely removed and replaced.

As noted, you can also choose decorative window films. These films are especially designed for both windows and doors. The film provides a nice accent whilst offering different levels of privacy. Films can be made of varying designs and textures. They not only subdue the light coming into a room but they can also block unsightly views, all whilst adding an aesthetic component inside or outside a room.

A Safeguard against Forced Entry

Even though the films are decorative, they also protect a building from forced entry or intrusion. The special coating on the films prevents breakage. When the films are applied, anchors are also added to reinforce the installation.

If you want to add a decorative look to your windows but keep them protected from intrusion at the same time, this is the product to pick. You may also add films for reasons of privacy. When you install privacy films over your glass windows, you eliminate the need to buy shutters. You do not need to draw the curtain during the daytime hours.

A special coating with varying patterns is used to obstruct the view from the outside. You can also use the films as indicated to protect your fabrics from fading. In addition, glare is reduced, which adds to your indoor comfort and privacy.

Window films can shield you from the sun’s strong rays, provide a decorative touch, or get rid of the unsightly look of graffiti. They lend privacy and security to any décor. If you want a product that will supply an extra measure of protection to your glass windows and doors, you should review the benefits of security and privacy films today.