Low Maintenance, Maximum Appeal Gravel

Low Maintenance, Maximum Appeal Gravel

If you want to enhance the appearance of your paths and driveways without investing a lot of time and money, then gravel is the optimum landscaping product.

It’s cost effective, offers a variety of textures and colours, has kerb appeal and is quick to install for reluctant gardeners and landscapers. Its low maintenance levels are a huge attraction too.

Which Gravels to Choose

There are many to choose from so let your imagination run wild and play with textures and any existing landscaping materials to get just what you want.

20mm gravel bulk bags and half bags are easy to find. Have supplies delivered or prepared for collection. If preferred, loose deliveries can be made. Here are five of the favourite options which are widely stocked by suppliers including Rivar Sand and Gravel in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire.

  • 20-5mm South Cerney Gravel is versatile, cost effective, semi rounded, yellow-buff gravel which is suitable for paths and driveways. It will require an infrequent top up.
  • 20mm Grey Limestone is hard wearing, attractive and angular so its suitability for paths and driveways is indisputable.
  • Moonstone Gravel is eminently suitable for use as driveway chippings and for paths. Comprised of Thames Valley Flint, the 20mm gravel bulk bags contain enchanting black, white, brown and grey stones.
  • Flamingo Gravel is an assortment of blue, green, pink and white angular 20mm stones. It contains quartz so sparkles in the sunlight.
  • 20mm Cheshire Pink Gravel is pink, purple and plum. It has excellent kerb appeal and offers longevity.

Low, low maintenance

Taking the correct approach when laying gravel can save on maintenance tasks as time rolls by.

Key products to secure the most relaxation time:

Marropave is one of the best products on the market for keeping gravel in place. It has a strong framework and the gravel or driveway chippings sit in the areas between the frame’s walls. Think of a honeycomb for a visual image. The chippings are less prone to movement which saves you from tidying tasks.

There are a number of eye catching and elegant edging stones which will also ensure that driveway chippings and gravel don’t travel outside of their allotted area. They can contrast or compliment the gravel chosen.

Weed matting will stop the progress of weeds when it is laid between the ground and the driveway chippings. It’s a great investment that repays you in free time. It can be cut to length and is available in different widths.

A quick hose down if driveway chippings or gravel become dirty takes a few minutes and delivers kerb appeal.

Infrequent top ups may be required if the gravel compacts or forms ruts. With a 20mm gravel bulk bag you could have the materials ready to replenish sat in your shed or garage.

Example costs to work with:

South Cerney Gravel – £100/900kg 20mm gravel bulk bag.

Marropave – £20/metre squared.

Edging – £4/each.

Weed matting – £125/2m X 50m roll.

Your next steps are to design, source products and install. Good luck.