Quartz and Natural Stone: Pairings Work Well in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Quartz and Natural Stone: Pairings Work Well in Kitchens and Bathrooms

 Many homeowners like to use quartz for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom because the man-made material has a great appearance with its flecks of different colors, but not as many people know that quartz countertops can pair incredibly well with natural stone features in a room.

Quartz can make a good combination with a host of natural stone materials, including slate, marble, and even quartzite, which in contrast to quartz is not engineered in a factory. Instead, quartzite is a metamorphic rock that began as sandstone and over the years combined with quartz crystals to form a solid substance that works wonderfully for countertops inside and outside the home.

The wide range of patterns and colors available for all of the above design materials means that there’s an almost endless list of ways to unite quartz with something else to benefit both.

One option is to rely on simplicity for style by combining cream-colored quartz countertops in a kitchen with backsplash tiles made from similar-colored quartzite tiles. This works great in a kitchen by pairing the neutral colors to create a warm and inviting space. And this duo is also resilient, because the quartz is resistant to stains and scratching, while the quartzite — with the right type of sealing — will repel any damage from spills from food being prepared.

Using two types of colors together works for other hues as well, for example by combining a gray quartz countertop with a backsplash made from marble in a mosaic pattern of varying shades of gray, for a combination that will remind visitors of a rustic country kitchen.

However, using white quartz countertops doesn’t mean that the kitchen always has to look simple. An alternative choice is to use white quartz countertops with light gray veins, and to offset that with black slate floor tiles. The black and the white make a pleasant contrast, and both colors work well with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. Complete the two interesting color mixes by using an off-white marble backsplash tiles that resemble oak for a beautiful kitchen.

In addition to the kitchen, the bathroom is another heavily used part of the house that can benefit from combining quartz countertops with different types of natural stone feature.

For example, white quartz countertops with faint gray veins can match nicely with wall tile made from small hexagonal tiles made from marble in shades of white and gray. This pairing projects an air of class — and has the added benefit of also being relatively easy to clean.

Or consider aiming for a color contrast in the bathroom between quartz and natural stone. One way to achieve this is to use a dark brown quartz countertop or edging around the sink area and combine that with small hexagonal marble tiles shaded in white, gray, and gold. The competing colors don’t clash, and instead create an interesting image that will give the bathroom its own character.

Whatever the combination, these design examples show that combining quartz with various types of natural stone is a surefire way to achieve a beautiful bathroom or kitchen.