Take A Peek at Some of The Most Interesting Closet Shelving Ideas

Take A Peek at Some of The Most Interesting Closet Shelving Ideas

There are unlimited options available to shelve your closet.  It is possible by using only a few types of materials to accomplish the work. Closets can be of different size, shape and configuration. The design of shelves that you use to divide the section also comes in different materials and forms. To find the right closet shelving, you need to understand the differences and needs.

Different closet shelving materials
There are basically four key types of materials used for designing Garderoobid shelves. Each of these material is perfect for different types of spaces. The cost of installation and maintenance also differs on the type of material used in creating the shelf. Also, instead of selecting one particular type of material, you can even mix and match different closet shelving material together.

Solid wood

Wood is considered to be a very durable option for construction of closets. Wood also comes in different varieties such as softwood like fir and heavy wood like oak and cedar. Where soft wood is for holding light items, heavy wood exhibits more resilience. This quality of hardwoods makes them costlier than softwoods.

To give a new look to your wood, you can even polish, seal, stain or paint it depending on your requirements. Some of the closet shelving units are also prefabricated. The best part of wood is that you can customize it by cutting it the way you like.


MDF is a heavy, but not very sturdy material like wood. It stands for medium-density fiberboard. It is sold in the form of prefabricated units or as large sheets that can easily be cut in varying sizes. The downside of this material is that it is susceptible to sagging. This is the reason it requires to be provided structural support at periodic intervals of time.


Plywood is a form of frequently used material to create closet shelve. It is made to be very robust than MDF.  Just like wood, plywood can also be polished, stained or painted. This material comes in prefabricated form. You can even customize its look by cutting it in different sizes as per your requirement.


The wire is another form of material that is inexpensive and commonly available. You can get wire based closet shelving options in prespecified width, length and size. By installing a wire shelf, you can add an additional level of storage at the height of the ceiling. These systems are very durable and normally come in white coating. You may also get them in several more colors.

Different forms of Closet Shelving

The market is full of different types of closet shelving. These types include shelves, drawers, and baskets. Drawers include a sliding mechanism and hardware. Divider in the drawers is used to separate different items and prevent them from falling.

With different forms of closet shelves, it becomes quite difficult for a person to choose the most appropriate shelf. Above information would definitely help in increasing your knowledge and finding the best one.

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