The one-stop checklist when you are planning a move

Moving is always taxing. Period. But then you cannot let the stress beat your excitement for the new welcome change in life. With little planning and organization, you can Aalways achieve a breezy move. The primary thing here is to prepare a checklist of your to-do tasks for the move and you can tick on the checkboxes once you complete a particular task. It’s certainly a wiser route to keep track on your progress as the move nears.

Get measurements of the new home

You should get measurements of your new home ahead so that you can always plan which stuff to take in, which one to send to storage and what items to be put up on your garage sale. Your current dining table might be too big or dated for the cozy new drawing space and in that case, you have to get a new table accordingly.

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Notify your insurance agent

You should notify your insurance about the new home you would be moving in shortly. Depending on the nature and location of the property, there could be a variation in the premiums.

Inform the mail, telephone, cable and broadband service

Inform the mail, telephone, cable and broadband service providers about your new address and also the time of your shift.

Inform your landlord

If you are currently staying in a rented house or apartment, inform your landlord beforehand about your upcoming move.

Inform the school

You simply can’t miss out on it. 6 weeks prior to your move, you should inform your child’s school about your new shift. It’s especially important if you are moving out of town and have to transfer your child to another school.

Contact a moving company

Though many homeowners opt for a DIY move yet it’s better to go for a man and van London service for a stress-free affair. Settle with a reputed and seasoned name. Make sure the mover offers a comprehensive service right from packing to unloading and assembly in your new home- not to forget a safe transit of your goods from the old to the new property. Look for a one that carries liability insurance and boasts a versatile set of sturdy GPRS-equipped vans.

Talk to your family doctor & vet

You should also inform your family doctor about the new move. If you are moving to another country with another climate zone, the doctor might prescribe the necessary precautions to take. Also, if you have a pet, you must discuss your move with the vet as well.

Book locksmith

Book your locksmith for the security setup in your new home.

Get your survival kit

You must move in with a survival kit in your new home. It must contain-

  • Breakfast & tea/coffee requirements
  • School needs
  • Basic pet needs
  • Bathroom necessities
  • First-aid kit & your medicine box
  • Basic cutlery & crockery set
  • Basic handyman tools
  • Your kid’s favorite teddy

Finally, don’t forget informing your friends and relatives about the housewarming party.