The Secret Ingredients to Design the Perfect Kitchen Space

The Secret Ingredients to Design the Perfect Kitchen Space

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The old saying ‘Kitchens sell houses’ is enough to stress on the importance of a kitchen in the house. You might have a small or large space allocated to this crucial part of your house, but the trick basically lies in designing. A flawlessly designed space preferably by a professional like will enhance its efficiency to an altogether next level.

Let us see what the secret ingredients that can make this space perfect are.


A good layout is extremely vital to successful kitchen designing. There are three most important features in kitchen, the positioning of which is vital. These are cooktop, fridge, and sink, which are used the maximum while cooking. The most practical manner to place them is in a triangle because then it cuts down on foot traffic making it ideal to work.


Your kitchen style should align with the rest of the house. So, if you have a modern home, your kitchen should also be contemporary and likewise. The theme should work even in details (for instance, you should go for flush doors with no moulding to maintain that minimalistic look). The flooring should also complement the style and so do the accessories.


Adequate and good storage is something that is very much required in a kitchen. Having proper storage can turn even a small kitchen into a dream space. Utilize space properly be it corners or high ceilings. Tall cabinets are definitely hard to get to on a daily basis, but they can be ideally utilized for storing those items that you seldom require. The complete storage in the kitchen should be a balanced combination of tall cabinets, under-bench cabinets and normal drawers, which are easily approachable while cooking.


While the primary focus should be not to restrict natural light and have ample of it, provisions should be made for artificial ones too. Artificial lighting includes task lighting, which is very bright and required for cooking in absence of natural lighting. You can also include atmospheric lighting, which can be used to play with the mood when you want to change the functioning kitchen space into an entertaining space.

Keeping these basic things in mind, a simple space can be converted to the perfect kitchen space.