Three Modern Bathroom Tiling Trends

Three Modern Bathroom Tiling Trends

When it comes to home design, many people overlook the aesthetics of the bathroom.  Sure, you might consider what color to paint the walls or which towels you would like, but have thought about flooring?  

Here are a few of the most common bathroom flooring trends of the past year or two.


While a popular kitchen back splash trend over the last year has been metallic or mirrored looks, more and more often we are starting to see matte tiling in the bathroom.  Perhaps as flashy patterns and bright colors are growing in popularity in other rooms of the house, home owners are wanting something a little more understated in this most intimate space.  

It might also have something to do with the fact that matte bathroom tiles are easier to clean and maintain.  Also, matte finishes are more popular as a bathroom tile because they only allow for appropriate natural and artificial light (mirrored/metallic/glossy finishes tend to reflect a lot of light). Indeed, a matte finish is a little more elegant and understated.


Contemporary bathroom design has seen quite a bump, this year, in nude/neutral tones. Again, this might be an appropriate contrast to the desire to use brighter colors in other areas, like the kitchen. The past few years, then, we have seen popular ceramic tile colors in grey, beige, and cream bases.  Obviously, the right neutral shade can provide for a sense of calm and relaxation. Perhaps most importantly, because of the quiet nude/neutrals exude, you can run these tiles all the way up to the ceiling for an added effect.


Most people opt for ceramic or porcelain tiles in the bathroom but if you are looking for something a little different, you might be interested to hear that stone tiles are a quickly growing trend. They are not for everyone, of course, but they can be a little more favorable than hardwood, which can be quite difficult to maintain in a hot, humid, damp bathroom.

Stone tiles, on the other hand, are quite resistant to water damage and are slip resistant. Furthermore, the natural material comes in many complementary shades with diverse colorings that bring not only a natural feel to the space but also a little character. That in mind, stone tiles are a bit pricey but they will probably endure for longer than other materials, which offsets the cost.