Boilers are as important as buying new, cozy and warm winter clothes to get us through the harsh climate. Clothes keep you warm, but boilers save you from freezing. They provide us with the basic need of hot water needed to bath, drink, wash and use for various chores. Not to mention, the heating system that keeps our walls, floors and air bearable. Otherwise, we wouldn’t want to imagine a whole season of winter consisting of almost three months of beyond endurance without showering! No one would want to appear as a cave man living under a rock for years. This calls for the importance of boilers and heaters which are often neglected when the time for maintenance arrives. But servicing them is our need, not an extra deed. So, to save you and your house mates from shivering and gelid, we have few points to give you an idea on how to maintain your valuable entity, because trust us, it is!

  • Insulation:

Ever been the victim of frozen pipes in mid January when everything that goes out instantly freezes? We know, you must have been at some point. Now our solution is to always insulate your pipes. You can find high quality insulation lagging and cladding for your water heating pipes to keep the temperature enough to prevent them from freezing. It also saves energy, so worth it!

  • Get rid of the air in radiators:

The first thing to do when you wake up on first day of the winters is to bleed your radiators. This might take few minutes of your day but they are going to save much more. Once taken good care of, radiators won’t trouble you in the future for you to spend any more time in maintaining them. So do it once and for all to enjoy warm winters.

  • Turn the heating on:

When you’re preparing your clothes, car, house and the rest of the much-needed things for the crisp cold season of the year, don’t forget to run a check by turning your heating on and ensuring everything is correctly operating with gas safety. Also, when you must go to your grandmother’s house for Christmas, have your boiler set up to operate for a couple of hours every day, so the pipes don’t freeze and the boiler stays out of trouble.