Two Reasons You Should Leave Electrical Repair to the Professionals

Two Reasons You Should Leave Electrical Repair to the Professionals

Hiring a professional electrician is important if your home needs any electrical repairs.  Sure, you might be romanced by the idea that you can remodel and repair many other parts of your home but there are some things that are better left to the professionals.

Yes, you can probably replace the fuses in the fuse box or maybe install a new light switch or even a new light fixture.  These are simple tasks that are basically just removing something old and replacing it with something new.  The average person—even someone with very little technical knowledge or skill—can typically do a few of these jobs.  Related image

There are many tasks you can do at home, on your home, with little or no professional assistance, but those that do require a professional are not to be trifled with. These jobs can require professional Ozené knowledge and experience not only to ensure the job is done correctly but, more importantly, done safely.


Every home has an electrical panel. Inside the electrical panel you will find the many circuit breakers that help to distribute and manage electricity throughout the many parts of your house.  If you have flickering lights or find a switch is not working, you may need to replace a fuse or too; or you may need to replace the circuit breakers as a whole.  

Replacing/upgrading the circuit breaker is very important during a remodel if you are installing new light fixtures or other electrical outlets.  For instance, if you want to expand a master bedroom or plan to add a master bath, you will probably need to also expand your electrical capabilities.    

It sounds simple, of course: you are, after all, just replacing a single box. But don’t let its innocuous presence fool you. This box manages all of the electricity in your home so attempting to replace it when you do not have the experience or knowledge could result in costly damage that requires further—and expensive—repair.


City electrical codes require at least one electrical outlet in every residential bathroom and at least one electrical outlet in every kitchen is a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).  These devices are specifically designed to cut the power if it comes in contact with water (or if the electrical load is unbalanced, which increases the risk for shock).  Every licensed is aware of this and will likely be better at finding and replacing these special outlets (so you don’t make the mistake of replacing the wrong ones).