Typical Challenges of Basement Renovations and What to Do About Them

Just like every other project, there are lots of challenges that come with basement renovation. So the following are some basic basement renovation challenges and how to tackle them.

Challenge 1-Low Beams

The reason why basements have low lights is that the windows are often too low to get in contact with daylight. Therefore maximizing ceiling height becomes your only alternative to avoiding such occurrence but however achieving this is not an easy feat thanks to low beams or ductwork. Therefore to address this issue you have to do the following:

  • You’ll need the services of a mechanical contractor to restructure your basement layout.
  • On the other hand, get a good contractor to replace your beams because you’ll need a higher and stronger beam.

Challenge 2-Posts in Awkward Locations

When you have posts in awkward positions in your basement it ruins the beauty and convenience of the place. The fact is, posts are the shoulders on which the load of the entire structure is resting. Therefore what this implies is that you can’t just remove them without an impact on the entire structure. So how do you solve the problem of posts in awkward positions?

You have to make sure that you undertake a redesign of the support system, and that exercise can cost you a fortune.

You can also make provision for a double beam or some high-end structural beam to be installed in place of post.

Challenge 3-Musty Smells in the Area

It’s a well-documented fact that moist is one of the most dreaded and destructive factors of the basement, and it can be easily felt through the smell it exudes. Therefore while undergoing your basement renovation, ensure that you put the necessary mechanisms in place to combat this smell. These steps include:

  • Identifying the item in the basement that exudes the moist smell. Wash, clean or replaced them if necessary.
  • Try and find out the source of moisture and fix it in order to stop further damage and smell.
  • Map out a routine inspection to be carried out by a mould tackling company. This will enable you to easily spot out mould cases.

Challenge 4-Cracking in the Foundation Walls or Flooring

Cracking in foundation walls or floors are common things in buildings. This is because the structure is always exposed to different temperature and environmental condition which most times causes it to contract or expand. So when this happens to your building you might start to witness cases of moisture creeping into your basement.

So what you have to do to address the cracking foundation or floor challenge is to, first of all, identify the degree of the crack and then call in a foundation repair specialist to address the issue.

In conclusion, You have to note that, identifying and tackling this challenges in time will save you a lot of damage especially in the case of a cracking foundation or wall.