Various Aspects That Make a Balcony Different from A Terrace

Various Aspects That Make a Balcony Different from A Terrace

Various Aspects That Make a Balcony Different from A Terrace

A balcony as well as a terrace is defined as spaces that connect house interiors with the exteriors. Though they perform the same function, they are different on few aspects. Many people are unaware of the differences between them and so use them interchangeably.

What is a Terrace?

The terrace is a Latin word that refers to “earth.” It is basically built on an elevated plan that is usually located at the top of a residential building.

What types of functions are performed by a terrace?

Terrace these days serve a variety of purposes by people who live in urban areas. They can act as an open garden to conduct small functions. The presence of a lovely garden amidst the hustle and bustle of a city makes it a lot recharging and relaxing experience for every house owner.

Installing a swimming pool or a Jacuzzi in a beautiful terrace can even make your space nothing less than an amazing refuge. Terrasi ehitus also increases the beauty and value of your house.


The terrace is less accessible to people. Terrace constructed on the top floor is mostly enclosed and offer flexibility to the residents of that building. Mostly terraces are only accessible at the time of any unfortunate happening in the building such as fire etc.

What is a Balcony?

The word balcony is again derived from the Latin dictionary. It is a large sized window that can be thought of like an elevated platform that stretches from the building walls in horizontal direction. A balcony can be present in any room of a house and serves as a connection link between two and/or more spaces.

In what sizes is the balcony available?

Balconies are basically small in size and they are not as multipurpose as terraces. A small sized balcony can make your room appear airy, large, and open.


Balconies act as an extension for your living space of the house. It is a wall that separates two areas of a house. By transforming your balcony as a garden, it can make it a beautiful addition to your apartment. A balcony can be constructed in any room. If it is attached to the kitchen, then it can also act as a storage place for keeping large sized appliances such as a washing machine and/or dishwasher.


A balcony can be easily accessed by the house residents. It can be attached to the living room/ bedroom / kitchen of a house that makes it easily reachable from these rooms.

The key differences between a balcony and a terrace

  • Terraces are large in size than a balcony due to the functionality they offer to house members
  • Where a terrace is a completely open space, a balcony is small in size and can be open or enclosed.
  • Terrace is located at the top of the house and balcony is attached to a room of the house.

Both balcony and a terrace are interesting features that make your house productive and beautiful. Understanding their difference would help you choose the right type of construction for your house.

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