Vintage ceiling fan Vs Antique ceiling fan- Which one to choose?

Vintage ceiling fan Vs Antique ceiling fan- Which one to choose?

Contemporary style keeps on changing with the latest trends and needs of the society. But vintage and antique designs never go out of fashion. Hence, the value of these products keeps on increasing. If you are considering equipping your home with vintage or antique ceiling fans, which one shall you choose? You look confused and that’s why; we are here to simplify your decision.

If the interiors in your home or workplace are built in a traditional style, you can opt for vintage or antique ceiling fans. But before you confirm your purchase, you would like to differentiate between vintage and antique. Most of the people think that vintage and antique have the same meaning. But in reality, both are different terms. Unless you know the difference, you cannot make a decision about purchasing fans.

Difference between Vintage and Antique Ceiling Fans

Both are associated with the same concept yet they refer to different aspects. Most of the sellers often consider both the categories as one. But, you can actually differentiate them into vintage and antique.

Vintage refers to something that existed in a particular era. A vintage product is not too much old. You can consider a vintage product to be 50-100 years old. For example, if you order a wine that was made from the grapes picked in a particular year, it will be called a vintage wine. This is because it points to a particular date or an era.

A vintage is not necessarily manufactured in the same era. It is possible that it was manufactured before. But since it was used during that particular time, it will be called a vintage.

Antique products are those that have a historical importance associated with them. The products which are more than 100 years old are classified as antique. Antiques can be very old artifacts or anything. The antiques are actual products that were manufactured during that era.

Hence, you can say that an antique is a vintage but you cannot say vice-versa. So now when you are purchasing antique or vintage ceiling fans, you will be able to differentiate between them.

Antique or Vintage Ceiling Fans

Now, the selection depends on the décor of the interiors and the usability of the fans. The antique fans may not be in a working condition. So in this case, you can use antique ceiling fans for decorative purpose. Or if you will be using it occasionally, you can install an antique ceiling fan in your home.

The antique ceiling fan should complement the interiors as well. If you have renovated the room according to traditional designs, an antique ceiling fan will be a wise option. But, antique ceiling fans may cost you a fortune. Determine your budget before opting for antique ceiling fans.

Vintage fans are ideal if you have renovated your space on a theme based on a certain era. You will get plenty of options in the vintage category. For example, if you want to renovate your room from the industrial revolution era, you can consider buying vintage ceiling fans from that era. Check out the more about vintage and antique fans here-

It is not compulsory to buy vintage fans from that era itself. Today, a lot of companies manufacture vintage products as well. These will be affordable and efficient as well. Analyze these aspects before proceeding with the purchase.