Ways to Beat the Southwest Summer Heat

Ways to Beat the Southwest Summer Heat

According to the Arizona Department of Health, 1,535 people died from heat exposure between 2000 and 2012. The Southwest gets hotter than hot in the summer. Phoenix, AZ, alone reaches 106 degrees Fahrenheit on average throughout the warmer months. It isn’t just people who push their bodies beyond their limits in the sun that suffer; excessive heat is also dangerous to children, the elderly, the ill, and pets. You can beat the Southwest summer heat. Here how.

Prepare for the Summer Months

To keep your home safe, and thereby you and your family, you must do some spring cleaning, and first and foremost is your air-conditioning system. This is what you will rely on to keep everyone cool. Check your air conditioner from top to bottom. Make certain it has enough coolant and all parts are in top working order. If you don’t feel qualified to do this yourself, hire a professional for spring maintenance and cleaning services.

Make certain you or the professional also gives your air-conditioning ducts the once-over to make certain they are clean, insulated properly, and nothing is torn. You’ll also want to replace your air filters for optimal AC efficiency. If you don’t already have them, install ceiling fans and purchase standing fans to help circulate the cool air. Also, check that the weather stripping in your doors and windows is intact and all of your blinds, drapes, and outdoor awnings and/or louvers are in excellent shape.

Pay Attention to the Weather Forecast

According to the Arizona Emergency Information Network, you should also listen to weather forecasts throughout the day. If you stay on top of the temperature fluctuations and extreme heat warnings, you can better plan your day and make certain your loved ones are all right as well. If you have elderly parents who still live on their own, call them regularly to throughout the scorching day to ensure they are inside, all right, and have their AC and fans turned on.

Stay Inside and Block the Sun Out

Close blinds, drapes, awnings, and louvers in the morning to prevent the sunlight and excess heat from entering into your home. By listening to the weather forecasts, you can gauge when the mercury is going to rise and prevent unnecessary thermal increase. If you don’t have outdoor louvers, get them, because they can absorb up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside, which keeps the indoors much cooler and your AC running more efficiently.

Stay indoors during the hottest part of the day. If you have outdoor activities planned, reschedule them. The worst thing you can do is remain outside in the scorching sun. You stand a good chance of becoming ill even if you are young and healthy. If you don’t want to sit at home, go to other air-conditioned facilities, such as the mall or movie theaters. Most importantly, do not forget your pets. Bring them indoors. They cannot be outside. It will kill them.

When you prepare for the infamous Southwest summers, you will survive them. In fact, you might be surprised how much you can protect your home with simple indoor and outdoor maintenance and accoutrements. Get ready for summer before it gets too hot.