What Damage Can Squirrels Do To Your Garden?

What Damage Can Squirrels Do To Your Garden?

Our gardens often fall victim to some of the worst and most destructive pests that can be found all year round. One of the most destructive pests you can find here in London is the grey squirrel. A squirrel won’t hesitate to damage anything in your garden if you give them the chance.

Here are some common problems squirrels can cause in our London homes.

  • Damage from foraging – Squirrels eat pretty much anything they want; they aren’t picky. So if you have vegetables planted, or even a lovely herb garden, a squirrel will eat it and destroy it very quickly. They may even go as far as to nibble on your garden ornaments!
  • Damage from hunting – Because of their persistent, squirrels will upturn roots and plants in their hunt for food. This leaves your flower beds destroyed, and there may even be holes all over the garden.
  • They won’t stay on the ground – As well as doing damage to the garden, you may want to glance upwards too. Squirrels love to strip the bark off trees, which leaves them susceptible to other destructive pests to damage them too.
  • They like plastic – Squirrels are known to chew on anything made of plastic, such as your hosepipe. This then weakens the integrity of the plastic (which is really bad if they’ve been nibbling on your guttering).
  • Bird feeders aren’t safe – All pests are attracted into your garden for a reason, but they’ll if there’s food. Squirrels will stay close to anywhere there is an available food and water source. You can prevent this by choosing squirrel proof bird feeders, and not putting seed out on your grass or bird tables.
  • Squirrels breed quickly – They are literally everywhere, and will continue to come back year after year if they know you provide food for them. The best way to control the squirrel population is to prevent them from entering your garden in the first place.

If a squirrel gets the opportunity, they will keep returning to your garden for years to come because of food. Once they find a great food source, you will find it very difficult to keep them away. Consult a pest control professional if you’re dealing with a particularly tricky squirrel problem.