What You Need to Know About Basement Finishing

What You Need to Know About Basement Finishing

Your basement serves you in the most efficient way whether you have converted it to a man cave or a rec room, you only knows best how much it means to you. This is why you are thinking of giving it a befitting finishing. Before you rush into doing the actual work, the below points should cross your mind:

There are regulations and codes to adhere to

Many homeowners have little or no knowledge on the existence of building codes and regulations. These building conditions are put in place for safety purposes. This is the reason you may need to chat with a professional who knows these regulations, and can follow them strictly when give them the job. Codes vary with localities. Some requirements include:

  • Treatment of lumber to prevent decay
  • Instead of installing frames directly on the wall, creation of vapour barrier is important
  • Floating walls should never be created because heaving of the concrete may cause future structural damage

DIYs are a no go zone

With the advent of Do It Yourself ads and promos in the social media, most homeowners want to save a buck or two and so rush to them. This should not be the case because they are not durable and the finishing will not be as good as that of a professional’s touch. Instead of saving and ending up with a poor basement, contract a professional.

Safety is vital

No matter what you do, ensure that your safety comes first. The basement is the foundation of your home and it should always be strong enough to carry the overlying weight of the structure. Seek the services of an expert so that you can have a durable basement for long.

Hire the best

Now that you realize how important basement refinishing is, you should only hire the best professionals in town. Do not go the journey alone, without experience-call the experts. Once they start on your basement you will find out that it will turn out to be of high quality, the time of completion will be met and the value of your home will definitely increase.

Your basement is an investment

Talking of value, your basement, after a superb refinishing will fetch a double or even triple price once you think of selling your house. Before we go there, you have to pay up first for the pros to do their thing. The cost of refinishing varies from service provider to service provider depending on your residential area and the level of customizing you have requested for. An estimate of the refinishing could range from $15,000 to $100,000. It is expensive but it is definitely worth it.

Just because DIYs are not the option to consider, it does not mean that you should be clueless about refinishing. A normal refinishing should take at least 6-8 weeks and could take longer depending on the customizing needed. For an average basement size it should be 800-1000 square feet. Now you know what you should look for, when considering basement refinishing.