Factors to consider when buying a new carpet for the home

Are you looking to opt for carpeted floor? Good quality carpet can transform a simple workable floor and make it more homely. Well-chosen carpet transforms an area, softens the look of the room, provides noise insulation and makes the interior more cozy. There are endless options in carpets from piles of styles, patterns and colors, whereby you need to choose the best one. There are some basic characteristics of a good quality carpet that the buyer should know about. Know the fabrics, the brands of carpets and your personal choice and preference. Among all kinds of carpets, loop-style carpets are most popular. Within the loop-style carpets, you have four options, namely, level-loop pile, cut and loop pile, multilevel pile and cut pile.

In the current times, carpet tiles are also gaining popularity. The installation of carpet tiles is similar to that of wall tiles or usual floor tiles.

Consider the quality of the carpet

The quality of the Dubai carpet must be best and suit the home environment. Have a closer look at the density of yarns or loops per square inch. If the density of loop or yarn is more, it implies that the quality is good. You may just perform ‘grin test’ to know the quality of the carpet.

Know the various types of carpets available

Consider the fabric of the carpet which may be of natural or synthetic material. What matters is the style of carpet, the price and its quality. The price will be related to the quality, style and material of carpet. Choose best quality carpet as per the performance. Good quality carpet will last for decades. Some of the popular kinds are:

  • Woolen carpet made up of wool is the first and foremost kind of carpet which offers luxurious comfort. Woolen carpet is plush, rich and elegant. Woolen carpet is wear-resistant and stain-resistant. But, it is not a good choice for high humid area as it absorbs moisture.
  • Polypropylene carpet or Olefin carpet is constituted of plastic polymer and is high on demand. Olefin carpet is the most sought after carpet due to variety of reasons. Its superior color retention, stain resistance and affordable price rate are some of the reasons why it is high on demand. Make sure you never spill an oil-based solution or substance.
  • Nylon carpet, a common kind of carpet, is best for home usage. Nylon carpets may be availed in various price ranges. It is best meant for high traffic areas as it can restore its shape.
  • If the home is too busy and the floor receives too much traffic, choose only polyester carpet. Polyester is a good choice in fabric as it is stain resistant. Spilling will not cause much problem.

Protect the surface with carpet pad

No matter how good the quality, the surface of the carpet will be sabotaged if you do not choose a carpet pad. Carpet pad can extend the life of the carpet dramatically.

Price is another important consideration here. The chosen carpet must be affordable and within your budget.

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